The Victorian Style in Home Décor


Summary: Victorian style in home décor may have flourished over the Victorian period but it is still incorporated in people’s homes and may be mixed with modern ideas to keep it up to date and in demand.

Victorian style in home décor is inspired by the Victorian era. That puts it in the range of late nineteenth century to early twentieth century. This architectural style was influenced to a great extent by Richard Norman Shaw, a British architect. This style can stand out in the crowd due to its typical characteristic of steep roof lines, porches which are decorated with gables, decorative windows and towers which are circular in shape; all these in excess ornamentation Victorian styles are also of many types, like classic or non classic.

A typical fireplace constructed in a Victorian style will have original wood and an inset mirror with the surround and hearth generally constructed in bricks. Usually Victorian houses have a lot of clear space around the house like green patches. The patent design of Victorian era is the decorative triangle. The color scheme can consist of color patches on walls and pillars. The other ideas can be the use of contrast color scheme like the pillars and walls of different colors and practicing the same while coloring on all framing and décor in the house.

Nowadays even the Victorian décor is influenced by the styles of different countries and hence maybe called as French Victorian, or Victorian American elegance. The outside color of these houses is the Victorian colors. These colors maybe in light shade of brown or yellow. In short these colors are very natural and earthly. Modifications can always take place in any style, be it Victorian or not. For example if railings are added then it does turn the conventional Victorian style into a bit modern version of it. Same can be done by adding porches which make it a very interesting idea. The interior decoration of such Victorian styles can be in the form of rustic cottage style. These ideas of porch and wood décor are indeed inspired by France and hence maybe called French Victorian Style. Even the porches can be in the Victorian color scheme.

Thus it can be observed that Victorian style gives a room ageless elegance and charm. This maybe the choice amongst the most romantic and can be amalgamated together in a modern way to give a twisted look. This idea can be adopted in your dining room or living area. The most essential element about the Victorian style decorated dining room is that there is a big chandelier hanging right above the table.