Spanish Home Décor Styles


Summary: Spain is a country with the sunniest color schemes which now-a-days also impress the American interior designing. We can always have a taste of Spanish décor by combining the cultural taste of Spain with our interiors.

Spain is a country full of colors, especially yellow, orange, and red. It has the most sunny color scheme ever and the same is reflected in its furniture and interior decorations. Spanish home décor is full of colors like amber, yellow, and orange. This is not something restricted to the county itself but rather it has spread out to the western countries too. The culture aspect of the décor in the Spanish home interior designing is so popular that it has become a choice of good number of people in America too. The different types of Spanish looks are the old world Spanish look or a Southwestern look. Any of these designs helps in incorporating Spanish décor style in our homes.

Different rooms are decorated differently. Like the dining room of a Spanish country style will be bejeweled with elements motivated by the Spanish styles as it might range from the antique pottery of Mexico or the paintings filled with colors. The bathroom might have a shower which is much large in size whereas conventional bathrooms designed in a Mexican style have hand painted sinks, a vanity customized as it is surrounded by very detailed tile work. The boring and bland laundry room can be made vibrant and come alive with the bright patterns of colors and innovative décor. There is a solemnity about Spanish décor as it contains a subtle touch of Spain or rather the Mediterranean areas. Rooms decorated with such ideas might have a color palette which is breezy. Such rooms might also include artful tapestry and pillows which are authentic.

The above idea when combined can be commonly known as Spanish-Mediterranean interior designing, which consists of the living space area showcased as an area with coffee tables which are antique and floor designed as chinoiserie designs. The bedrooms usually have the color scheme as very neutral so that they are successful in bringing out the designs of the furniture and details of the wall very clearly. The hallway has a combination of Spanish tile collaborated with faux paintings and might go for a ceiling which is turquoise blue in color. The arch way is designed in a manner of the hand painted rustic Stallio floors which give the kitchen interior a Mexican style.

We can always have a pinch of designs inspired by the Spanish flavor in our homes through the cultural elements of Spain.