Moroccan Home Decor


Summary: Moroccan interior design is not for people who do not love colors. This is because this kind of design mostly comprises of exotic and vibrant colors that will surely make a statement for everyone.

For people who are currently thinking of renovating their home, or actually thinking of building their own houses, they will most likely consider a lot of interior design themes. There are literally hundreds of choices out there and it can really be a tough choice for most people especially if they really don’t have a certain theme in mind. However if you are a person who loves vibrant colors and intrinsically loves to have fun and always has a positive outlook in life, then a Moroccan inspired home is the right one for you. This is because these kinds of houses exhibit a lively ambience that will surely make them a fun place to live in.

How to Opt a Moroccan-Inspired House
You can easily identify a Moroccan inspired house with its bold colors that are near different earth tones. These colors are green, blue, lavender, yellow, and white. With this vibrant mixture of colors, one can surely identify a Moroccan house even from afar. It also usually has repetition of certain patterns, certain motifs that are layered, and different symmetrical prints. Some even say that it has intricate designs that are unique from most kinds of themes and designs that are available in interior design catalogues and forums.

To give you an idea of what a Moroccan room looks like, imagine an area of your house that has white painted walls. Then it has certain touches of exotic designs and furniture such as a mosaic mirror, flowers, intricate patterns of pillow cases, and even straw storage boxes. There may even be different cushions and carpets that have lively colors and patterns as their design. You can even imagine pops of colors like mustard yellow or fuchsia pink in a corner here and there. Indeed, a Moroccan inspired house has an eclectic furniture set-up and even designs. They even have certain color mixtures that some people won’t even think about. However when they do see the combination, it’s like a mix of freshness and energy that can really make a room look beautiful.

Apart from that, the lighting fixtures of a Moroccan designed house will most likely be subdued and will always have a hint of yellow. This will make a room look and feel warmer especially during cold seasons. Plus it adds a certain charm to a room because it may seem like its elegant but not over the top. Lastly, most lighting fixtures are composed of glass lanterns, lamps made from henna patterns, and other fixtures that have unique and distinct designs.