Moroccan Home Decor Styles


Summary: Moroccan home décor styles give a new meaning to the house and releases your eyes from boredom.

If you have become bored of looking at the same rooms in the house for the past few decades, it is time to change the color of the rooms and the furniture. You can opt for a Moroccan home décor style that would bring a positive change and enhance the appeal of the house. Moroccan home décor styles are the trendiest thing with many modern homeowners nowadays. As the style speaks of blend of different culture, you can make the house look unique.

Moroccan home décor styles can be classified into two types, the urban and the rural. The urban style includes use of metal, ceramics, leather, and wood. The rural style involves use of fabrics, rugs, and embroideries, as it has a strong influence of the Middle East. Some decorating ideas of Moroccan style are as follows:

a. Using bright colors: A Moroccan style home needs to have natural and bright colors, like blue and green that is found in the sea, yellow and gold that is found in the desert. You can also go for combination of colors like vibrant purple, red or orange, lavender, pink fuchsia, along with gold or blue. This creates a sparkling ambiance.
b. Blending with the nature: In order to create a tropical Moroccan atmosphere you can use plants in the house. You should opt for exotic looking plants to get the perfect effect.
c. Use of texture: Moroccans love extensive use of textures. So, for a Moroccan styled home, you need to use different textures or fusion of various shapes on the walls and floors. You can cover the wooden floors with fiber rugs that are of natural colors. Even a colorful mosaic table would bring an enhancement to the physical appeal of the interiors.
d. Lighting: This plays a significant factor to bring a Moroccan flavor in the house. The lighting fixtures used in Moroccan décor are totally different from the traditional ones. You can go for Moroccan chandeliers, Moroccan sconces, Moroccan hanging pendants, Moroccan lanterns, and Moroccan lamps. You can also find high quality handmade lamps to give the rooms a unique ambiance. You can get these from any local store that sells Moroccan styled fixtures or can buy online from any reliable and authentic store.

Apart from the ideas mentioned above, if you have space in the backyard then you can put up a Moroccan tent and spend quality time having fun with your kids. You also can buy jeweled toned cushion covers and silk bedcovers to give the rooms a perfect Moroccan look.