Mediterranean Home Decor


Summary: If you are a person that loves the outdoors, you will surely love homes that take inspiration from Mediterranean home décor.

Some of the most well-known Mediterranean countries are Greece, Italy, and Spain, all of which are known for their great landscape and the great view that comes along with it. Added to that is the fact that all their houses have such elegance that cannot be compared to other houses all over the world; and this can be considered in both the interior and exterior décor of their houses. These houses stand out because of their unique architecture that is known to all. Most likely, you will find terra cotta Spanish tiles on their rooftops and ceramic tiles that are clay fired inside their interiors.

Looking for Mediterranean Inspired Homes
Most Mediterranean inspired houses mimic the colors that are close to the tones of nature. Mostly these houses have colors like green, blue, red, yellow, while, black, and even lavender. Some people think that these colors are too overwhelming but once they see the colors inside a Mediterranean inspired house, they realize that these colors exude a warm and inviting ambience that make these houses look homey and lived in by happy and carefree families. It is not needed to paint the walls of these colors though because one can simply make them accent pieces in order to achieve their desired look.

Apart from that, most Mediterranean houses provide a rustic appeal that really entices homeowners to go for the said interior design. Most houses inspired by this kind of décor have expansive areas that are made from mosaic tiles that have rustic detailing and finishes. That’s why they look more inviting and homey because they provide a more lived-in kind of ambience. These tiles are also in the same colors as what is stated above. Some also incorporate this rustic look by buying certain furniture that can have this kind of look and design such as tabletops, mirrors, bathroom accessories, paintings, and outdoor furniture in general. As some would describe, they would define the look as ‘old world’.

Lastly, Mediterranean houses always embrace the great outdoors and will always have a space for entertaining guests and visitors. That’s why if you are a person who loves the outdoors, this kind of house is perfect for you. Most often than not, these types of houses have open spaces like gardens which have spaces for barbeques and gatherings and some even have pools and Jacuzzis. This area is also filled with beautiful and colorful plants and flowers. So if you are a person who loves nature toned colors and the great outdoors, use a Mediterranean house as an inspiration right away.