Home Decor in Rustic Country Style


Summary: A rustic country home décor is for those who are looking for a relaxed and a comfortable environment at home. It reflects coziness and pastoral lifestyle.

In a rustic country home much of importance is given to preserve the natural tint in all the decoration items. Most of the items would be made of stone, wood or porcelain with no or very little craftsmanship. Fine craftsmanship in furniture and accessories adds to the charm.

The color chosen for the home décor is matched with the outside environment. The most commonly used colors are pale yellow, green, brown, red and blue. These are mixed and matched to bring in a combination of calmness and vibrancy.

In this kind of interior designing, importance is given to natural texture. The walls are built rough stained and the curved parts are left open. Some furniture made of teak and stone fire place forms a part of most of the rustic country home décor. The kitchens are made in such a manner that enough ventilation and sunlight is present. Mostly the kitchen is built with rich metal works. This will give a very traditional and at the same time a stylish look to the countryside kitchen.

For the coziness of the living room and bedroom, similar lines are followed but more of wooden and stone furniture is used. The fireplace will definitely be a part of every country home.

Ideas for Making a Rustic Country Home Décor
Having a rustic country home décor is not very complicated or expensive. You need to keep certain factors which influence your home décor in your mind. They are:
• Furniture: Opt for furniture that is made of natural wood. Leave the color of the furniture natural. Do not use jazzy colors and paints for the furniture. Antique furniture pieces are a boon to this home décor style. Depending on your budget, pick up the furniture.
• Fabrics: The fabrics used at home should not have dazzling or contrast colors. Choose colors that best match with the natural objects like brick, trees or flowers. Hand painted or hand printed fabrics would be the best choice.
• Accessories: You need not go around purchasing new accessories to decorate your home. You can use the existing old used pieces. Just polish them or repaint to give a new look for the item.

Designing a rustic country home is no big deal but requires meticulous planning. Natural elements are given more importance in country home décor. By using the existing furniture, accessories and with a slight modification in structural design of the home, one can achieve a rustic country home décor.