French Home Decor Styles


Summary: French home décor styles bring a welcoming enhancement to the house.

If the same, old, boring rooms are causing pain to the eyes, then you can bring a refreshing and welcoming look to the house by opting for French home décor styles. French home decorating styles involve usage of natural elements like cotton, wool, and wood, along with plastered walls.

French style in rooms mean, going for painted walls, instead of wallpapers. You need to select colors that are close to Mother Nature like, green of grass, blue of the mighty sea, gold and yellow of bright sunshine, pale brown of the mud, and so on. If you want to bring the Country French décor style in your home, you can use lavender color, along with dark green, deep red or diluted blue. This gives your home an informal and fashionable appearance. The green and red colors perk up the rooms and let you breathe in a whisk of fresh air.

If you have enough space then large furnishing also adds to the style. The Country French style speaks of a romantic ambiance. Nowadays, many trendy interior designers are opting for this style. You can add this style in the house through iron accent furniture items, iron or metal wall decorations, pottery decorative pieces, and so on. The home decoration in this style is basically rustic and has a subtle style. The colors complement the house interiors and bring visual effects of landscapes and the gardens. You can also resort to dull colors, with weak hues of green, golden yellow or red. Some French style also includes lavender, pale yellow, blue, and pink. If the walls in your house face a dark background, you can try soft pastel colors on the walls.

You accessorize your living room with decorative pieces like fat candles, brass sconces, metal pieces with graceful designs, flowers in colorful pottery, small vases, and so on. In the kitchen you can add touches by having silk flowers on the wooden cabinet, pottery pitcher with flowers, and so on. If you are decorating the bathroom then try to keep off from satins and silks. However, you can use fabrics and colors. In the bedroom, you can try potpourri containers and aromatic herbs as decorative accents. This will not only be soothing to the eyes, but will act as a positive catalyst in improving your physical health as well. Implementing the French home décor styles in the rooms would bring you and your family closer to each other and leave the visitors mesmerized.