Home Decor Styles and Trends

Summary: The trends for home décor keep changing from time to time. The interior design plays a very crucial role in house maintenance.

While home décor is very personal, there are lots of popular trends in home décor which we can adopt to have a stylish and state of art house.

The Top 10 Home Décor Styles
1. Wall Colors: The wall color you choose makes a lot of difference. The current trend and the most popular choice of wall paint is grey when compared to any pale or bright colors.
2. Mixing: A mixture of different types of fabrics, furniture and color on the walls is round the corner. Do not follow any stereo type fashion. You mix and match and invent new styles for home décor.
3. Globetrotter: This is the most popular home décor style followed for long number of years. You can simply hang some family photographs, accessories or some masterpieces which you have collecting while traveling. This gives a very warm, personal and charming atmosphere.
4. Attractive Wallpaper: If you have not painted your house for long, you could still opt for wall papers. This is a very quick and yet feasible solution. The designs in the wall papers are changing rapidly, and so you can choose the one which best suit your home.
5. Recycled Materials: Going green is the in thing today. Use recycled furniture and materials for home décor. You can get a trendy home décor and at the same time be environment friendly.
6. Home Décor in Country Style: This type of style is highly creative. Decorative accessories like hand painted and hand worked fabrics, colorful pottery and furniture made of iron and wood are very popular in this style.
7. Home Décor in French Style: Natural materials and vibrant colors are used for fabrics in this style. Huge and bright light fixtures and chandeliers are the most popular French styles.
8. Home Décor in Cottage Style: In this style, natural fabrics and home decorations are used. Natural lighting and a casual approach to home décor design can be adopted.
9. Contemporary Style: Geometric shapes and lines bring a great contemporary feeling to your home. Furniture and accessories made up of metal and acrylic is preferred. Big size modern art paintings and abstract sculptures give a strong impact to this type of home.
10. Traditional Style: The basic concept of traditional home décor is to bring in warmth, balance and cozy ambience in the house. Family photographs, still life paintings and silk floral for fabrics are a good choice to bring in traditional style in home décor.

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